Wednesday, April 15, 2015

And Then There Were Four

It was a bad, sad day here on my little homestead.
Lily, my white easter egger chicken got out of the extended run and Dexter got her.  
He hurt her pretty bad so I took her up the the vet and she mercifully put her out of her misery.
Lily was the one of the flock that liked to fly over things so I think that is the only way she could've gotten out.
There is a little opening where she could've made it and I didn't see she was loose before the dogs went out.
I feel horrible.
Poor little Lily.
She was one of my two easter eggers that laid green eggs.
She was the "rebel", never coming when I'd call the flock back from the yard.  I'd always have to go herd her in.
Her tuffs of feathers by her beak were always dirty because she'd get them wet then go scratch and peck around in the dirt.

She never would get on my lap like the others but she was always very inquisitive.
You'll be missed little girl.


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  1. Oh dear how sad.She looked like a a dear wee girl.Commiserations.Penny from New Zealand. PS Just started reading your blog and enjoying it very much.


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