Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chickens, Horses and Dogs Ta-Da

I've been a little lax on the blog!
I have a ferocious spring time cold!!
This is the most I've done in a few days.  I may have to cancel Easter dinner and have it the following week!
I don't think I feel good enough for all that!

Anyway, before my cold. I took some pics of my animals.

The nicer weather (finally) meant that the chickens at least get to go out into their outer run where there's good things to scratch and peck at under those old leaves.

A short trip to the barn to see my boys and check out the two new horses that arrived.
Echo and Preacher say hello!

Sarah, barn owner, got a new little barn pony.  His name is "Squirt"!
He is soooo cute.
Look at that wild hair-do!!

The other horse in for training is a beautiful black arab-cross.
His name is "Cowboy"

In the meantime, at home, Spirit thinks he found a stick in the house.
No Spirit, that's a fireplace log!!!

Dexter and little girl Spirit.
They are always very attentive when I'm eating!!!!

Hoping to feel a little better tomorrow!



  1. So sorry your sick - hope your better soon. The animals look good.
    Happy Easter.

  2. -+Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for new photos of your animals

  3. Squirt is a real cutie.

  4. OH, what wonderful things you've done with your acre!
    I enjoyed my visit very much.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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