Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I am anxiously waiting to start gardening outside but it's not quite time here in NE Ohio!
It's still 30-40 degrees most days.
That is maddening when it is now "spring" and the temperature won't co-operate!

I never made a terrarium before but thought it was a good way to get my hands in some dirt and do a little miniature gardening!

I read up on how to do it and watched some YouTube videos.
I went out and got some supplies spending way too much money on some things I probably could've found around my yard.
It's the little miniature figures that are hard to find that are just the right size.

The containers I did find around the house.
The first one I made in this covered container.

Starting with the stones in the bottom and building from there.
I named this one "Tea Time" of course.

This little fawn is hiding in the back.

My second one is much bigger (and heavier!)
I found this large covered container in my basement.  I've had it a long time and never knew what to do with it.
I'm making these on my kitchen counter and making a big mess.

This one is called "My Garden".  I have to find some mini vegetables to put in that fenced area!

I set it here to show you the size but it needs to be in a window with lots of light.

The third one is just in this small round glass open bowl because it has all succulents in it and doesn't need to be moist
Well, that's what I did in my spare time the other dreary day.

I also have to get going and start some flower seed indoors too.

SPRING, where are you hiding!!!!!


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  1. Awesome terrariums, I love the all!
    Thank you so much for sharing the how to, as well.

  2. Where did you get those miniature things to put in them? I have some little thing I can bring when I come, if I remember and you know that is a big "if" ;-)

  3. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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