Friday, March 13, 2015

Sunny and 50!

This seems like such a big deal after the horribly cold and snowy winter we've had.
50 degrees seems like 70 at this point!!
When you have dogs and I have two, there is the wonderful spring time job of cleaning up when the snow melts.
  I spent an hour this morning just cleaning up the driveway and places where the ground isn't still frozen/.  It's too hard to walk on the snow at this point because it's covered with a thick layer of ice.
This will be an ongoing job now.
I filled the bird feeders.  However there is so much seed under the feeders now that I think I should just let the birdies and other animals that come at night, clean that up first.

My driveway is clear but it will take some time for the wall of snow at the end to melt down!!

I visited my chickens and sat with them awhile.  They all want to get on my lap at once!!
They are so happy that there's no snow in their run!!

Spirit watches the chickens but doesn't seem all that interested like Dexter does.  

I see my downspout needs fixed.
Along with a hefty turning of the compost pile and burning my big burn pile.  It will get even bigger as I clean up the debris in the yard.
I need to call my handyman and get on his list!!

Lots of evidence that deer have been in the yard; both front, inside the picket fence, and in the back.
All near the bird seed that I'm sure they like too.
I never see them though.
They must come way after dark.

It'll be so nice to see flowers beyond this sign instead of snow!!
Soon, I hope!!
OK, time for lunch and some tea.


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