Saturday, April 25, 2015

Birds in My Yard

I just put my hummingbird feeders out this past week.
I have two but have sent for another one.  A flat type that I think they like better.  
I usually get quite a few hummers.  I haven't seen one yet but they are due about this time .

I'm going to write a post about them in the next few days.
They are fascinating tiny little birds.

My blue birds have built a nest in their house that they build in every year.
I looked in there today and there are 4 beautiful blue eggs.  The mama was watching me so I left quickly.

Here's mama leaving the box.

My bluebird house is sure nothing fancy.  
In fact I was planning on getting them a new one this year but, too late now!

Here's another sign that Spring is really here.
Yellow finches turn bright yellow and leave their drab winter feathers behind.

It seems, especially this year, that it has taken forever for Spring to get here.  
But I am feeling hopeful now!!  
I love this season.


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