Friday, September 2, 2011

Ava & Jack meet Monk

Last week when my grandkids left, I told them that when they came back this week there would be a great BIG surprise!! Linda their Mom didn't know about Monk either, so everyone was delighted!!
This was the first greeting at 8 am.

It was a nice day and they played with Monk all day either outside or in the house. Except, of course when Monk was sleeping, which is a lot of the time!
Ava kept calling him Mudge. I kept saying "no, Monk" and she'd say "No, Mudge". Well when Linda came home from work I found out they have a book about "Henry and Mudge" and the drawing of the BIG dog looks like a St. Bernard!! So this is her "Mudge".

Jack was so gentle I think as not to wake him!!

Jack, talking to Monk.

Monk looks like he's in heaven!
The family that left him had young children.
St Bernards are called "the ultimate babysitting dog"!

Ava really liked to walk him around. Of course Monk was walking her but he goes very slow.
I told her if he runs, to "Drop the leash!!!!"


  1. Now that's just precious! ;)
    Jake is so good with animals for being so young. Impressive. Mudge/Monk sure looks like he had a fun day.

  2. Looks like everyone got on so well!

  3. Playmates, home cooked meals, a nice sofa to lounge on.....ah It's a wonderful dog's life! Bet Monk is a happy fella.


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