Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Misc. Stuff

The other day on my way home from my yearly doctor appointment and blood work, I stopped in here for breakfast. I was starving as I hadn't had anything to eat since the night before. I had never been here before; little restaurant in N. Royalton. I had just the best breakfast here!! It tasted extra good, maybe because I was so hungry but I liked this little place.

This past Saturday I went up to the barn to help Michele do some work in Satire's stall. Michele also decided to leave Satire off lead out in the arena while we were out there with him. There were no other horses. He hasn't been loose in 3 months since he hurt his R. front tendon. He should soon be allowed out in a paddock. Michele unhooked him but he wouldn't leave her side.
I think he thought he was still attached but he followed her where ever she went.

I have been lax in writing on my blog. I've been busy with Monk. He is now started on his pills for the heart worm. (Doxycycline) It won't kill the worms as he isn't strong enough for that treatment but it's supposed to weaken them.
Anyway, I had just got him to start eating actual dog food and now he just wants people food again! So I'm back to cooking for Monk.
I'm about to sign the adoption papers because I think he's found his home here with us.

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  1. LOL- yeah, I knew that dog wasn't going anywhere.
    We adopted a dog with heart worms. We gave him one good year. He had been abused all his life until he came here.


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