Friday, September 16, 2011

The Season of Burrs!

When you have horses and they go out into a real pasture in the fall, you know about burrs!!
Both Echo and Preacher had their forelocks, manes and tails full of them!
You have to keep up with it ever few days or you'd really have a mess and probably have to do some cutting! I will stand there and untangle and fuss for an hour before I'd ever cut their manes or forelocks!

Thank goodness for Cowboy Magic Detangler. I load up the tangled areas and let it sit on there for a few minutes then just start taking the burrs out one by one. Some just slide out.
Echo almost fell asleep while I was doing it today. It must feel good to have someone fuss with their hair.

Satire watched and walked around the barn while Echo was getting his "hair done".


  1. Thats so cute!!! falling asleep!^.^ I was wondering though, I noiced in your pic the horses walk around with patches over their eyes.. WHy is that? I know we used to put flaps in to prevent them being afraid, but why are these used?


  2. What a peaceful way to relax...both them and you! I find brushing Moon and Copper relaxing...:)JP


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