Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Little Pack

My daughter Michele came out and did a little photo shoot of Monk on Saturday.
This is the one she did of the three of us.
I'll put some more on in a couple days.

Check out her photography website here:



  1. What a great picture of you and your pals.

  2. Wonderful picture, how nice to have such a talented daughter!

  3. Great family photo. How are Monk and Rocky getting along? So sorry that Monk has so many problems, but it looks to me like he has his forever home.
    Oh, don't forget baby cereal for a filler for his meals. It is so gentle on the tummy. I use it for the kittens and puppies. A friend of mine gives her older dog chicken noodle soup when he's not doing too well.

  4. you guys are adorkable! Too cute!


  5. What a lovely photo! Just been catching up with the story of Monk! Such a beautiful dog!
    Sincerely looks like he's found a very caring foster home! Enjoy your weekend!


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