Sunday, February 16, 2014

It Snowed AGAIN!

Yes, it wasn't supposed to snow ALL day but it did.
I hope they aren't kidding us about the 40 and 50 degree temps coming this week.  
We need a break!

I took treats out to the chickens and served them inside the coop.  
(My chickens will not put their little tootsies in the snow!!)

The barn cats watched intently as I feed the chickens.  Of course they didn't move from their fleece blankets and heat lamp!!

I think my animals are a little spoiled!



  1. You should do a go away snow dance, only don't do it naked it's to cold.

  2. How nice that you take such good care of all your animals. I bet the cats love that fleece blanket and heat lamp - all nice and snuggled in it. Do you have a heat lamp in your chicken coop?
    I hope you get warm weather. We are having in the high 70's. I am embarrested to say anything with the terrible weather so many states are having. We need RAIN so badly.
    Have a great week.



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