Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trying to Sprout Seeds

OK, they say it's easy to sprout seeds and make good wholesome fodder for your chickens.
So I'm trying my hand at it.
This is what I hope to end up with:

Here's what I have so far.  
I soaked my organic barley seeds for two days and rinsed them a couple times a day.
Now they are in the light of the window and are starting to sprout.
This is sort of like gardening grass!!
They are in the big container then I put them in three fat mason jars too.
Remember this is a test.
It it works, I'll be sprouting a lot more.

I took the chickens their treats for the day and added a few sprouted seeds in there.  They ate them up first.  Must be good.

So, that's my latest endeavor.
Well, this winter is taking forever to be done with!!!!!



  1. You are a regular Columbus when it comes to growing things!...:)JP

  2. Mine sprout under Pidge's food bowl and Drummy comes along and crops it so she might like these.


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