Sunday, November 9, 2014

An Afternoon With The Horses

Today was in the 40's.  
A little chilly because of the wind 
but I met my friend Pam at the barn to have some horsey time.

I groomed Preacher and Echo.  Here's Preacher.
He looks like he's smiling!

Pam and I did some ground work with the two of them in the arena 
then let them free and played with them with the ball and some cones.  
They both knew I had carrots on my pocket so it was hard to get them to think of anything else!!
After that we took them out to the paddock and let them loose with their little herd from the little barn.
Echo was full of energy today!
They love the cooler weather.



Hope you enjoy the little trips to the barn.



  1. Shirley, fantastic proud and beautiful animals. I love horses. Had one when I was young. An Anglo-Arab also with character! We love this!
    Have a happy happy time


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