Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chickens in the Leaves

Chickens of course, love to scratch and peck and look for bugs and stuff.  I'm sure they get bored when they are not out in the yard. They're not finding much just scratching around in their same old run.  In the fall, with all the leaves, I try to keep putting new fallen leaves in their outer run.
When I can, I try and get the leaves from my front garden.  I think there's a better chance they'll find some "good stuff" in them.

Leaves, leaves everywhere!  And the wind doesn't help!!

I gather a bunch and throw them into the outer run.

Poor Molly is moulting.  They have seemed to moult one at a time!
Eggo and Lily look better now and one of them has started giving me a nice big green egg about every other day!  They have stopped laying much because of the loss of daylight hours and they don't lay when they're moulting.

When the wind blows hard, they all run in the coop!
They are such chicken chickens!!

Every time I clean their poop sled, they try and dust themselves in the PDZ!  It's ok I guess because I always add some DE to it too.
Last week I changed out the wood shavings for all new for the winter.  Nice and deep.


Silly girls.


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  1. I only have one chicken she goes everywhere even visits the neighbours if we don't watch her but so far has not moulted loses feathers every now and again.


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