Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Blizzard of 1950

I remember the Thanksgiving blizzard of 1950.
OK, I'm old!
I was eight years old.
We used to have Thanksgiving dinner at the Wickersham family farm
in East Springfield, PA.
We lived in Erie.
It was mom and dad and my sister Sue and my Grandma Wickersham in the car
as we headed to the farm on Route 20. That's when the storm got really bad.
Everything stopped.  Cars couldn't move any further.
There were no snow plows on the roads back then!!
I don't know how long we were stuck.
I do remember the Red Cross bringing coffee and cocoa to the cars along the road!
We were close to Girard, Pa and there was a little bar there if we had to go to the bathroom.
My grandmother was of Quaker descent and a staunch Baptist and would not go into a bar so there we sat.
I think we finally made it to the farm but I don't remember much else about the day!
I wish we took photos back then like we do now.
But we didn't carry around our little box cameras. 

No, I'm not that old . . . we were in the family car.  Probably the Packard.

Here's a little bit about it on YouTube

Added addition:
I just talked to my sister and she said, we never got to the farm.
We turned around when we could and went back home.
Of course the turkey dinner was at the farm so we had hot dogs that year!
My sister's memory is still better than mine at this point!!!


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