Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I Used To Have a Garden

Yes, 8 or 9 years ago and for about 5 years before that, I had a garden to behold!
Here it is just waiting to be planted.
Of course I had a nice Troybilt rototiller to help me.
I did it all mostly by myself.

Beautiful right?
I had enough vegetables for everyone!!!

I slowly realized that:
#1.  I didn't need one that big.
#2.  I was getting too old to do that all by myself!

I didn't have any garden for a couple years when Jack was sick and it quickly all grew over in weeds.

But, the past couple years I have had a small 4X8 ft raised bed that my brother-in-law built for me. 
I plant it with just a few things.
My handyman, Kerry has built me another one that I have to fill with dirt yet.
Here is my little garden today.
It's flourishing but could use a little rain.

I love to garden.  I think it is such a miracle that you plant seeds in the dirt and they give you food!
Such healthy eating because mine are all organic and I use no poisonous sprays or fertilizers.
My chickens are banned from this area or there'd be nothing left.
I'm just hoping the deer let it alone.
I've been lucky so far!
I think they know the dogs are around.  
They just don't know the dogs can't get to the garden!!

I found some old photos of when I was a gardening maniac!
They were taken with an old camera. 
That's about 13-14 years ago!

Herb garden

I wonder where my overalls went??

Hope you gardeners out there enjoy this.


  1. Shirley, Your gardens were glorious! What you have now makes more sense for your current lifestyle, though. I enjoyed seeing your photos today!

  2. The overalls went the same place the garden went... into memories. You certainly had a wonderful garden and your tender loving care of it is obvious. I'll bet family and friends were thrilled with all your hard work.
    We moved last June partly to get away from our 1/4 acre lot that had many flower beds, front and back. When I went back into the work force full time there was just no time to garden. Although where we moved has very little garden I still buy things to squeeze in. It is in my blood. Lol. Other than that I have a lot of flowers on my deck in pots. One large one has 2 different cherry tomatoes, a pepper, basil, a snapdragon just for fun and some chives. That is my vegetable garden in its entirety. I should be able to handle that much.


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