Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Swing

I've always had a swing.
My dad built this one for us when we were little.

When I moved to this house in the country, one of the first things I had my husband do
was to make a swing and hang it on the perfect big branch of one of the huge oak trees
in the back yard.
It was for me.
It was long before I knew I would have grandchildren.
I sat and swung on it often.  I still do.

It is there every fall and the squirrels sit on it and eat there nuts.

And it's there all winter.

Then my grandkids got big enough to play on it.

The kids are a little bigger now, 6 and 8 and they still want to swing.  "Push me, push me"!!
But it's here and always will be.  The seat has been replaced only once but it's in good shape.

Do you remember this poem?
I do!

Let me know if you had a swing.
When I was in grade school, my best friend, Midgie, had a next door neighbor that had the best swing.  It was hung way up high so you could really get going and go tremendously high!
It's a wonder someone wasn't killed!
Of course when you're young, you don't think like that.
If my mother had only known!



  1. No swing when I was a child but we lived near a park so often went there to swing.
    One house we lived in had a swing, I often sat on it to swing and dream.

  2. Yours has withstood the true test of time, Shirley!...:)JP

  3. I still love to swing, only now I always worry if it is going to hold me! And I always recite that poem when I swing.No swings in my future now, we will soon move into a condo. Enjoy a swing for me.


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