Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday Daybook for June 22nd

For Today:  June 22, 2015

Outside My Window:  Bright sunshine and my front gardens that are like a jungle from all the rain.

I Am Thinking:  I need to do more weeding out there when it cools off.

I Am Thankful:  That my septic tanks were cleaned out this morning and that's done for another 2-3 years.

In The Kitchen:  There's some dirty dishes in the sink that need to go in the dishwasher and there's one lone brownie left in the pan that is calling my name!!

I Am Wearing:  Black running pants, a white T and a long sleeve shirt over top to keep the sun and mosquitoes off me!

I Am Creating:  A budget that can include getting a new phone!

I Am Going:  No where today because I have to wait for a salt delivery for my water softner system.

I Am Reading:  "A Field of Red" by Greg Enslen on my Kindle app.  It's a mystery.  Good so far but I've only read a couple chapters.

I Am Hoping:  That I can find my niche!  (For YouTube and Periscope)

I Am Looking Forward To:  Going to the Apple Store to get my new iPhone 6 and also get some questions answered about some iPad problems since the new upgrade.

I Am Hearing:  The air conditioner.

Around the House:  The dogs are telling me they want to be outside but my chickens are out in the yard so they have to wait!

In My Garden:  I planted my new raised garden yesterday after getting some garden dirt delivered.  Also a friend helped me do some mulching with the pine bark nuggets that were also delivered.
In this new bed I planted:  Another row of green beans, a row of beets, some bib lettuce, chives and dill and plants of sweet potatoes, a couple cantaloupe, sweet banana peppers and acorn squash.  There was a nice rain right after I planted so that was good.

I Am Pondering:  If I should broadcast on Periscope.  It's live!  Kind of scary!  No editing!!  I need a niche though.  What should I talk about?????

One Of My Favorite Things:  My Atlas Nitrate garden gloves.  They fit like skin so you can feel things and they protect your hands.  Best I've ever had.  I wrote about them here:

Quote of the Day:  

A Few Plans For The Week:  Maybe going to the Apple Store Tues. or Wed.,  foot reflexology on Thurs.  Hopefully get to the barn to ride at least once this week!  That's about it except for gardening and taking care of my animals which is everyday.

Photos To Share:

Have a nice week everyone.

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  1. Hi Shirley! You are one busy woman! I'm surprised you have time to post at all, but I'm glad you do. Beautiful photos. I have to go read your post about your garden gloves. Thanks for stopping by my place.

  2. A great mosaic and some great goings-on, Shirley! Right now I'm content with my niche even though I too need to weed. I find if I do it daily, it isn't too bad...:)JP

  3. What is periscope? Enjoy your new phone! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Jodi, Periscope is a new app that is connected to Twitter. It a live video stream that you can broadcast on to the entire world. The videos go to replay when you're down broadcasting and stay there for 24 hrs. It has taken off like crazy.The app is for your smart phone or iPad.

  4. Your life seems so much like mine! Even your banner photos! Chickens and eggs. Dogs. Trees. A hammock. (Awesome for naps when the bugs aren't biting, huh? Or reading!) Raised garden beds. Did you enjoy your day at home waiting for salt? I love when I can stay seems I am always on the run!


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