Saturday, February 13, 2016

Spirit, Truly a Spirit Now.


She was my first female dog.
I've always had male dogs, at least since I've been an adult.
I don't know why.
I've had labs before the pointers and they were neutered males too.
Spirit was very "girly".
Such a gentle little lady.
Dexter liked her too, but after she was here a few months, I could tell that she became the dominant dog.
Dexter would definitely let her have her way if there was a difference in opinion.
No growling, no snarling, just a look. 
Spirit was a gentle, pure soul.
She went to Heaven this past Tuesday.
I thought I was prepared because she had been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer 4 months ago and the chemo and other treatments didn't do anything to slow it down.
I thought I was more prepared to make that horrible decision when she began to feel badly and began to lose all the weight.
   I thought . . . . 
But I was wrong.

She went off into Heaven so peacefully.
I can only believe that she is now pain free and can run and play and breathe easily.
Mommy will see you again "little girl".
I know you'll be waiting with Rocky and Monk.
I love you.



  1. Dear Shirley,
    Sometimes our pups take a piece of us with them. They seem to stay in out hearts as well.

  2. Shirley, may these words be of comfort, although they will make you cry when you read them. They were given to me under similar circumstances. I memorized them and say them often in the presence of my existing dogs...."grieve not, nor speak of her with tears, but laugh and speak of her as if she were beside you...twas Heaven here with you...she loved you so..."...:)JP

  3. Oh Shirley, I am so very sorry about Spirit. But she is not in pain now and she will be waiting for you.


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