Monday, February 29, 2016

A Day At The Barn

It was Echo's turn to play.
Preacher my other horse, the chestnut quarter horse, has been getting ridden more lately.  
So Saturday it was Echo's turn.
Echo is part paint, part draft.
Sort of like a big kid.
He just turned 10 yrs. old, or is it 11?
He's gentle and kind and sometimes doesn't know his own size.

He's a comfortable ride because he's wide.  Part of the draft in him.

He, like all my animals I guess, loves treats.  (You know . . . a foodie!)
He's looking for treats in my pocket!
And begging!!

He ran around and kicked up his heels a few times.

He finally did go over a line of poles on the ground but mostly he avoided them.  You see, Echo is scared of ground poles.  (long story)

He finally touched the pole to find the carrot.

He almost knows how to bow.

Michele walked him out after his afternoon of running around.

A fun afternoon.


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