Monday, February 29, 2016

The Things I Learned the Past Week

I learn (or sometimes re-learn) new things every week.  So I decided I'd try and have a short little weekly blog post about just that!

Here's the past week's light bulb moments.

•  Freeze left-overs in single size containers!
Most everything in my freezers are in large containers so that when I thaw them out I have to eat what-ever it is for multiple days that week!

•  Don't try to mix up a cake mix with your hand-held mixer!
It  isn't quite strong enough and requires the big one!
(I found that out yesterday.)

•  I don't really need half n half for my coffee.
Whole milk (not 2%) is just as good and will save me from buying cream.

•  I need an indoor "mouser" cat (or two).
I've noticed increasing little noises here and there since my last one is gone.

That's it for last week.
I'll start my new list for this week  : ))



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