Monday, February 29, 2016

Ways I Saved

I'm keeping a little list of small ways I am trying to save money each week.
This is last week's list.

•Instead of buying books or audio books, I use the library
I got 3 new audio books this past week to listen to in the car.

•Made a week's menu and only used things I had from the pantry and freezer.
This kept me from having to shop.

•Using whole milk in my coffee instead of buying half n half.

•My chickens gave me 3 eggs and are starting to lay better as spring and longer days approach.

•Collecting all my food scrapes for my chickens or the compost pile.

•Using up one cake mix and frosting to make a cake to take to the barn.
(well half of it anyway : ))

•Used my Starbucks gift card to stop for "free" coffee and lunch one day.

•Darned a pair of socks and fixed my down jacket zipper.

Share the ways you all save every week.


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