Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happenings of the Day

Today started out very early.  The bricklayers that are redoing my fireplace chimney outside got here about 8am.  I said hello and had my breakfast.  I really don't have to be here for them.  Today they took the part of the chimney down that had broken bricks and the next 2 days they'll be replacing and matching bricks.  Well, about 10am we lost all electricity!  I called and it was out for about 79 people and would be back on before noon.  The guys took an early lunch.
The electricity was restored about 11:45.  At 1pm the Culligan man came to replace my filters for the "good water machine" under my sink.  (reverse osmosis)

They have to take it down about to the roofline.

About 3pm we left for the barn to soak Echo's hoof and redo his bandage.  Yes, I remembered photos this time!  Here they are.  I know . . . such a bad angle, it makes his head looks even bigger than it is!!

It's a fight to get this bandage on, believe me.  My back is killing me!!  Since my sister is visiting me, she can hand me things.  It really is a 2 people job!!

After the barn was grocery shopping.
We came home to a crockpot meal of chicken and biscuits.
Then I relaxed in the run watching my chicks!  They didn't go into the coop at dusk till I went in there and called them!!! They have to learn to do that!  They are all locked in tight now!


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  1. Oh he's beautiful! Good luck with the bandages! :)



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