Sunday, June 17, 2012

OK, I'm Paranoid

I've decided to give the chicks another week in the house in the brooder.  Probably more for me than for them!
I know they are getting a little crowded in there but I let them out for a couple hours to have the free range of the bathroom.
I read some things on a chicken forum about raccoons getting into the chicken coops so I got worried and exchanged my carabiner closers with regular padlocks!  I know those little buggers can't go find the keys and open them!!  I put them on all doors!

The cage is ready for them.  All I have to do is put the food holder in there.
They'll probably be in the cage for only a week or so then I'll let them into the coop space.
Once they know that's their home and where they are to roost them I'll open the door to the run.  That will be fun!!

We had a little rain so my little chicken garden is doing good.  Yesterday I cut up a little of the lettuce and sprinkled it around when they were loose in the bathroom.  My one easter egger chick, (Eggo), grabbed a piece and was running all over with it!  She didn't know what she had but she didn't want anyone else to get it.  
They are so funny!


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  1. OMG! Pad locks?!? have gone over the edge!!! I LOVE IT, Shirley...


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