Friday, June 1, 2012


I'm starting out with some pinks from my garden.  I don't have many pink things in my house so I have to wait till something pink blooms outside!

I love foxglove.  I started with 3 or 4 from the garden center and then I make sure I let the seeds dry on the stalk and reseed where I want them.  I've got lots now.  Nothing says old fashioned perennial garden like the foxglove.

This is a New Dawn climber by my kitchen porch.  The problem is that it's very thorny.  Not a good place for it.  I have to keep it pruned back.

My gardens are flourishing a little early this year

This is the one end of my brick path in my front garden.  I laid all those bricks a few years back.

With the early warm temps and the rain, I am getting overgrown!!!!

My little chicken's garden is coming right along.  Pole beans in the back, to climb on the run fence, nasturtiums in the middle and lettuce in front.

I also have a sad report about my 5 blue bird eggs.  Something got them, they're gone and there was evidence of foul play!!
The blue birds are still around though so maybe they'll try again.

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful, Shirley. Love the brick path.
    Oh, how sad the eggs are gone.
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  2. Very pretty!

    Come and join me with my Color Connection meme through my PINK entry. Hope you join the fun!

  3. HPS!

    Such spectacular flower shots ideal to turn into art!


  4. Lovely floxglove it's one of my favorites too. Your property looks beautiful and the path you added is so pretty. happy pink sat.

  5. Your yard is just beautiful!!! You've inspired me to get out and work in mine today. LOVE your foxglove, too.

  6. Your hard work has paid off. Your garden is simply beautiful.

  7. \O.O/ The bluebirds are gone?! Oh no!!! Maybe they will try again! :) And your garden looks fabolous! I love overgrown stuff!


  8. Oh your foxgloves are so pretty- I would love to grow some but have not had any success. Any gardening hints for them?


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