Wednesday, June 20, 2012

House Bound Because of Heat Wave!

Well, not entirely housebound.  I did have to make some trips to the store.
I am going to my sister's to see my niece's daughter dance in a dance recital.
I'll only be gone 2 days but even leaving for that long requires planning.  Mostly because of the animals.
I have Carol from my old barn, who is also a petsitter, coming in to take care of the dogs and chickens!
(It's ok, she does farm sitting too!)
My sister is coming back with me for a visit here for a couple weeks.

This is the last week for the chickens in the bathroom.  I'll be moving them to their coop when I get home.

I let them out from their little brooder for long periods during the day.
Yes, they make a big mess.
The top picture is after I brought them some yogurt.  They love it and it helps keep their poop from being too runny.

This is Martha, every time I sit down, she's on my lap!

This is Mollie.  She's a little shy but looks a lot like Martha the other buff orpington.

This is another shy girl.  It's Lilly, she's a light colored easter egger.

And here's Dottie.  She's very friendly and probably the head of the pecking order.
She looks a little rough now but will grow into a beautiful Silver laced Wyandotte.

Eggo didn't want her picture taken today.  I think she was having a bad hair day.



  1. Oh how cute. A pecking order? Ha,ha, it cracks me up that they will come sit in your lap. What do the dogs think of all this?

  2. The dogs are only allowed to see the chicks when they are in the brooder with the top on! They don't seem to pay much interest. Of course this would be another story if they were out fluttering around, I'm sure!

  3. Your chickies are oh so pretty! :D They are really growing up to be hot chicks. ;) Have fun on your trip!



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