Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Music and Other Updates

I finally found another music provider that will do, I guess.  But now I've got to add my music back on.  My last playlist had 172 songs on it.  It took me forever to collect that many! Now I've got to search all over again.  
The one thing about MixPod is that you can turn the music on if you want.  It's not just automatically playing when you come to my blog.  (Some people don't like the distraction of music.)
So it's up to you.  I know I only have a few songs on there but it's the little iPod or iPhone looking thing there on the right hand side bar.

Monk got groomed again yesterday.  He has an ear infection and his ears needed cleaned so he sure didn't like that!  He has to go to the vet tomorrow probably for some antibiotics.
One good thing is, he doesn't seem quite so itchy and his hair has stopped falling out in patches!
I hate allergies!!!!!


My now 5 little chicks seem fine.  I spread newspaper and towels down on the bathroom floor and let them out of their little brooder everyday for about an hour for a little run-about.  They are growing fast and already seem crowded in the brooder.  It will soon be time to move them to the big wire dog cage.  That will be inside the coop, out in the garage, but they'll still have a heat lamp on when they need it.

A couple can fly out of the brooder when I take the lid off!

They are so curious and so busy all the time!!
I have video on my iPhone.  Does anyone know how to upload it to blogger??


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  1. Poor Monk. Our dog always had ear infections no matter how much we treated them.
    One of the main reasons I don't like automated music on blogs is sometimes my speakers are turned up high but I am not listening to anything when BAM !!!! loud music is waking everyone up when I unwittingly go to a blog with auto music. Good for you for giving us a choice.


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