Monday, November 5, 2012

Hauling Away My Tree

The group of men came this morning to cut up and haul away my fallen tree.  My beautiful majestic tree that was a big part of the appearance of my house.
But it was the one and only tree that fell in my yard during the storm known as Sandy.
Thousands of people have terrible damage, some have lost everything and some still have no power.

Here is a group of pictures of the tree men doing their job today.

This man was up in the standing tree for about half and hour trimming all the broken branches where the other tree hit it.

My naked house!  Plus now the antenna and satellite dishes can be seen.  Not a pretty site on an 1850 house.

Soon even the large pieces of logs were gone.
(This company did a wonderful clean up!)

All that's left is the stump that they will come and grind another day.

I have to call the fence people next.

It's amazing how much light comes in my library window now.  I'll have to put curtains up!
I'm sad.



  1. Oh Shirley,
    I would be sad too....that tree had stood there guarding your home for many many years......I hope next spring you can plant another one that start a long journey in your front yard....:) Sandy

  2. Hello Shirley,
    She was a beautiful tree that you enjoyed and now.....sorry for your loss. The new found light coming from the window might grow on you. Hope so, so you can cheer up and not be sad. Thankful it wasn't your beautiful house to suffer horrible damage.
    God bless,

  3. I love my trees and can understand your sadness. It was a beautiful tree in the picture. The good news is that your home is still beautiful...justs feels a little naked to your right now because you are used to the tree.

  4. I am so sorry you lost your tree. I understand your sadness, because I love trees. I have loved them all of my life. Your home is still lovely. I love the candle in the window and your photo from inside. Very poignant.
    Love and prayers,


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