Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Life With Roy Rodgers

The other day I decided I'd have an afternoon of watching a couple movies.
I found an old Roy Rodgers movie on RFD TV.  It was great.  Just like I remembered.
The whole afternoon of watching that movie brought back a lot of memories of my childhood.  I've decided that my sister and I lived in the very best generation to grow up in.  It was simple and innocent.  It was our "good old days".
Mom stayed home and kept the house and nurtured us while Dad went off to work everyday with his lunch box and thermos that Mom packed.  Both of our parents raised us together.
We went out to play without having to be watched every minute for fear some pervert would steal us away.  We played until Mom yelled out the back door to come in for lunch or for supper.  We had our neighborhood group of kids that we grew up with.  Each parent knew all of us.
We did things as a family, from eating supper together around the kitchen table every night to going on Sunday drives to visiting out of town relatives for vacation in the summer.  Also in the summer, our big thrill was going over to the beach.  Even though we lived in Erie right near Presque Isle, we didn't go all that often.  I think Mom was too scared we'd drown.
 Mom was a real full time worrier!
Well, back to Roy Rodgers.
I always wanted a horse so I loved cowboy movies.
Now that I have horses and have been riding about 10 years, (took me awhile!!), I look at these Westerns a little differently!
None of these cowboys in the Roy Rodgers films ever rode anywhere except at a full out gallop!  I watch and wonder how Trigger's legs lasted through all 88 films and 100 TV episodes racing over all those huge rocks all the time!
And if you notice, Trigger never once stood still for mounting : ))
Roy always got on at a run or Trigger was circling around him while he got on!
I guess he was always in a hurry!
Roy, of course, never swore, sweated or was out of breath!
Well, I could go on and on about my childhood but I just wanted to thank Roy up there, for all the good memories he gave me.  Of all the cowboys, he was my favorite.

Happy Trails


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  1. Ahhh childhood memories! :D Love old movies too!



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