Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Feel Like A New Mother!

Today, before I left for the barn, I was changing the chicken's water and tidying up the coop and the whole time, Martha (Head chicken) was sitting in one of the nesting boxes.  (First time I've ever seen her actually sit in there.)  She wasn't cackling or singing the egg squawk, . . just sitting in there quiet.
I removed the porcelain nesting egg from under her because I was afraid maybe she was getting "broody".  What do I know, I'm new at this!!
I went to the barn and when I got home, I checked the nesting box and there it was!!!!!


I was so excited!!!  I feel like a new mother!
I couldn't even hug Martha as they were all on their roost because it was after dark.

Thank you Martha!!



  1. Congratulations! I would someday like to have a couple of chickens too.
    How fun to find a surprise today!


  2. That's soooo neat. I'd be excited if it were me.


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