Saturday, November 24, 2012

Water is Frozen . . . Winter is Here.

When I went out this morning to let my chickens out of their coop, the outside waterer was frozen.  The one inside wasn't yet but the water is very cold and it won't be long before the temps dip further and that will freeze too.  I put away the outside waterer till Spring and I hooked up the heated dog water bowl that I got for this purpose.
They were very curious and immediately went over and took a drink of the nice water.  
If the temp goes below 40 degrees, it switches on so the water never freezes.

My hook-up isn't very attractive but it works.  The timer is on the light that goes on at 4am.  I'm trying to get me more that 2 eggs a week and just from one chicken!

Here's their nesting boxes.  I put up a huge poster in there of all the different kinds of chickens and ducks.

Here's where they roost at night with the poop catcher underneath.

One of their feeders.
Hope you enjoyed the tour of the coop!


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