Saturday, November 17, 2012

Second Egg From Who???

I got my second egg today.  It's bigger the the first.  (The lighter tan one on the left.)  It's even bigger than the large Eggland white eggs!!
I can't say for sure who laid it.

Was it you again Martha??
I need a web-cam!!

The girls outside enjoying these beautiful November days.

Notice Pepsi the cat.  She keeps a close eye on the chickens!

I hope she's not sharpening her claws with them in mind!!



  1. Kitty is definitely looking over the dinner prospects. He probably doesn't even know why be a domesticated cat. He just feels the urge.
    My mom had chickens for a while. One of them laid an egg once without a shell. It had a sturdy enough membrane around it that I brought it to school for show and tell. Likely something was sadly lacking in her diet.

  2. I think she might have Martha for Thanksgiving, Shirley! LOL!!!...:)JP


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