Sunday, May 19, 2013

Breakfast Solitude

Yesterday was a busy and tiring day.  We had a wonderful Open House at the barn where my horses are.  Echo was part of the show.  More pictures etc. another time.
This morning I had a nice quiet breakfast on my little kitchen porch.
The dogs were out back.
It was just me and Ellie.

As I sat there drinking my coffee, all I could hear were the birds.  It was particularly quiet this morning. No cars on the road and no lawn mowers on the golf course.
It must be really peaceful if you were really away from everything.  Like up in the woods in a little house where there is never the din of traffic or people or air planes etc.
I like to read about the people that have chosen to go back to real homesteading.  Like really off the grid.  I don't think I could do it for more than a couple days and then I'd have to hit a Walmart!!
I need things.


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  1. The beer fairy comes from a place where there is no noise, no shopping and not much else it's a great place to visit but live there no thanks.


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