Sunday, May 19, 2013


I was talking to my daughter when I looked outside and saw my chickens ambling all over my back yard area!!
I ran out and there was Monk just laying on the deck watching them!
I put him in the house and began to just watch my chickens.  They were just happily scratching and pecking in the grass and driveway.  This is the way I would love to have them if I didn't live surrounded by a golf course!!!
I just stayed out there for awhile with them.  They are quite tame and I could just go pick them up one by one as I believe they regard me as "mother hen"!
I saw my barn cats getting a little bit too interested in the loose chickens in the yard so I coaxed them back to their pen by rattling a container of meal worms.  They'll follow them anywhere!!

I just may let them out again sometime and sit out there with them so no hawks come soaring from the sky.  I have a lot of trees and there's cover if they'd need it.  
And I can always run around flapping my arms!!

I was very  lucky that I saw the chickens before a cat hurt one of them and also that Monk, my big St. Bernard isn't a chicken hunter!!  However, I'm pretty sure the chickens could out run Monk!!


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