Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chicken Tractor - Part 2

I told you yesterday there was a problem with the chickens and the chicken tractor.
Mainly . . . they were afraid to go into it.

So Bob (Brother-in-law) built a little open air extension.  We put that up to their run door and it wasn't long they all went in there to scratch and peck on different ground.

Looks like a little Chicken TRAIN!

Pretty soon they were all in there.

This isn't predator proof so I only put them in it when I'm around.
It's pretty small.  Not meant to be their main coop. 
They even tried out the nesting boxes up top.  No eggs but I could tell they snuggled down in the shavings and gave it a try!

My back yard is starting to look like a little barnyard!  Oh well the front it nice.


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