Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So Behind, . . . sorry! Chicken Tractor Part 1

I can't believe it's been 15 days since I've written on my blog!!!!!!!!!!
I hope I haven't lost all my followers!
I have many excuses.

Excuse #1
My dog is very sick which makes me all depressed.
(But more about that another time)

Excuse #2
My brother-in-law was here for almost a week and helped me get A LOT accomplished.
Pictures to follow.

Excuse #4
I had a UTI and didn't feel good.
(I know, that's too much information!)

Excuse #5
Our barn is having a huge open house and I have to get my horses all spiffied up.
(Oh, I haven't done that yet . . . they're getting baths tomorrow.)

A couple other things I've run into in these past 15 days.
My new air conditioner blew the outlet and I had to have the electrician here to put it on it's own dedicated circuit.
The toilet plugged up really bad and had to have the plumber here to fix that.

OK, enough with all that.
Let's see my new chicken tractor that my brother-in-law, Bob made me.

 OK, he didn't build it, but we put it together!
I had gotten this from TSC and had it in the carton ready for when he came to help!
It's so cute!  Small but cute.

But, he had to put wheels and handles on it.

He worked long into the evening the first day.

Then it was ready to try!
We wheeled it up to the one end of the extended run .

And opened both doors

They looked . . .
(Ah, Pepsi, you cannot sneak in there!) 

and looked . . .

And looked some more!

Finally!  Martha was the bravest chicken.  (Of course!)

Then 2 others joined her.  BUT, only for about 10 seconds.  Then they all tried to get back through the door at one time like the 3 stooges!!

Clearly we needed a Plan B!

Tune in tomorrow.

(I'm back)


  1. Don't worry chickens always like a good looking home they will come round.

  2. Glad you're back, Shirley. So sorry about Rocky. Sorry about the other $$ issues and illness. Glad you got your chicken tractor put together. It's adorable!

  3. Sending you and Rocky {{hugs}}
    Love the 'tractor' ide. :o)
    Rose H


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