Monday, April 29, 2013

Ready to Garden

Kerry, my handyman, was here all day and one of the things he did was put my new Mantis (which was still in the box) together for me and got the gas and oil mix into the little thing and got it started.  We played with it a little and it is quite easy for me to handle.  So I'm ready to garden!!!  I can think of lots of places to dig up around here!

I had a big list of things for Kerry to do around here.  (My summer list)  He got a lot of things done that he could do now.  Some things have to wait till it's drier and later in the summer.
Bob, my brother-in-law is coming up this next weekend to put together my chicken tractor coop.  I'm going to see if we can go get some lumber so he maybe can build me a couple nice raised garden beds too.

Monk got groomed today and is all fluffy and smelling really nice for a few days any way.
Tomorrow I'm going to spend at the barn.

Good night all.


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