Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Morning Post!

Well, actually it's noon, but I didn't wait till evening.

I had a late start this morning.  I was supposed to set my alarm for 7am and forgot.  I woke up to my cleaning lady calling me from the back door.  It was 9am!
Yes, I have a bi-weekly cleaning lady.  
Don't think bad of me!!  I've always had someone to help me out.  House cleaning is not something I like to do at all so it always gets pushed back and pretty soon I just get overwhelmed!  This way, I know, that it won't get too out of control!
Truth be known, I'd rather be out cleaning the barn than cleaning in the house!!!
Crazy right!
I've had several different people and some different companies through the years. 
The really good ones seem to move on to something else and the ones I'm not satisfied with, I don't keep for long.  I'm really not that picky but they have to at least clean better than I do!!!
I want my wood floors done by hand.  Believe it or not there's not many that are willing to do that and use mops which I think just pushes the dirt around.
I have a really nice woman, named Elizabeth now.  She's really good and I hope to have her a long time!
I'm also really happy to have some help this time of year when the dogs are shedding!!!!!!
Monk's hair is falling in clouds even though he gets groomed often and brushed everyday!
Elizabeth works for a little private cleaning service.  She is willing to do anything I ask besides the basic cleaning.  Like helping me clean the windows or laundry or even cleaning out the refrigerator!!
I don't ask for any extra things normally but it's nice she would do it if I wanted.
Sooo, I'll post while Elizabeth is here and then I have to go out and do my chicken duties, (change their water, make sure their feed is full, check for eggs and clean out their "poop board"  (That's a long thing like a big little pan that's under their roast in their coop.  Actually I use an old long plastic toboggan!)  They poop a lot at night when they're on their roost.  
Also there's the constant letting the dogs in and out, and in and out, and in and out!!
Then I have some grocery shopping to do and I have to run to the post office.
I was at the barn all day yesterday and rode and tomorrow is my weekly riding lesson.
See, no time for housework  : ))
I'm so thankful that I found Elizabeth!



  1. Sounds like a perfect set up...and it works for YOU!...:)JP....Internet is sporadic here...must be the trade winds!...:)

  2. I am like you,as well. I am very busy person even if I have time I do not like housework like cleaning,ironing. I have also woman for daily cleaning.

  3. You are lucky to have a cleaning lady, I did it for a couple of months once a week for a lady from my sons school who was recovering from surgery.
    She was very strict and I had to work harder than I did at home.


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