Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 Weeks With My Sister Sue

Well, first of all, it went too fast.
Of course we didn't get done everything on our list to do but we did a big chunk of it.
We'll get to it next visit.
She comes to visit me because it's too hard for me to go there.  The reason being is the number of animals I have.  (dogs, cats, chickens and horses)  Michele can't come here and stay because of her pets and her photography business.
  Sooooo, it would cost me at least $45/day for a pet sitter.
That's OK for a day or two but not for a couple weeks!

We went out to eat more than half of the time she was here.  I don't do that by myself and they don't go out to eat all that much when she's home so it's a treat.
We had lunch and tea at Miss Molly's Tea Room which is so nice but some how I failed to take any photos!!  I don't know how that happened!
But here we are at the Cheesecake Factory.
Those are take home bags as the portions are huge.  Plus we each ordered a piece of cheesecake to take home too.  (Of course, you can't go there without getting cheesecake!!!!)

We were in Crocker Park to go to the Apple Store so I could buy my iPad!!
I love it.
I need a new desktop iMac too which I'm going to get in a few weeks.
The wonderful thing is that you take your old Mac in and leave it a couple days and they transfer everything over for you and will wipe the old one clean so I can give it to my son.
That alone is a HUGE reason to get your Macs right from the Apple Store.
It doesn't cost anymore to buy them there and you have the wonderful customer service and the instruction and classes any time!

Besides going out to eat a lot, of course we went shopping  : ))
Mostly Target, Walmart, Thrift shops and antique shops.
We went to the barn to visit the horses and take my lessons a couple times.  Sue doesn't ride.  She never got that "horse gene" thing.  However I passed it on big time to my daughter Michele  : ))

We visited my son and his wife and my grandchildren one day and also went to Michele's house to help her with her studio.  She has redone a lot of things in there and it really looks great now.

So, Sunday I drove Sue halfway home and Bob, her husband, met us at the Waffle House for breakfast and we "make the exchange"!
She'll be back to visit in the summer.

Sue has a little Pekinese that misses her a lot when she leaves her.  I keep telling her to bring her along but I think she thinks my dogs will eat her!  (which they wouldn't of course) but her dog would bark a lot and would have to be in a crate whenever we went anywhere.

Here's Annie


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  1. Glad you had a good time. I've just visited my sister she lives a long way away, always fun to catch up and it's alway good to eat cheesecake.


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