Tuesday, April 2, 2013


No, not posting on a horse, I'm talking about writing on my blog.
I've got to start posting in the morning.  Waiting till evening doen't seem to work for me.  I fill up my days with a lot and by evening, I'm too tired to think of posting!
My mind won't even start to think of things to say . . . it's just saying, "Go lay down on the couch and watch "Dancing With The Stars".  My back is hurting a lot and sitting at the computer makes it worse, as does bending over and picking up heavy things, which I seem to be doing all day.  My life seems to always involve carrying heavy buckets of water!!  
It used to be when our horses were boarded at the last barn and we had to do practically everything ourselves if we wanted it done right.  But we are at a wonderful barn now where everything is done right and all we have to do is play with our horses!
Now I'm carrying water buckets for the dogs and the chickens!
I brought in some forsythia branches and put them in warm water.  I hope they flower for me.  I need a little sign of Spring!
They say it's coming by the end of the week!!!

OK, It's time.  I'm going to take an Advil and go lay on the couch.  DWTS starts in 15 minutes.

(Oh shoot, I have to drag the garbage cans to the road yet!!)



  1. I know what you mean - morning is better. So who do you like in Dance With The Stars - I love Kellie Pickler. sandie

  2. It is very hard to stick to a blogging schedule. Work interferes with my fun life and I have less and less to post about.
    Some very successful bloggers post regularly about nothing in particular but they are still fun to read.


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