Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Blue Mosaic

I thought I'd join in on the "Anything Blue Friday" since blue is one of my favorite colors and I have lots and lots of blue things.

Here's a little mosaic I made of some recent photos.

The first picture is my grandkids on Easter.  (taken by my daughter)  I put the link to her photography site at the bottom.
Second picture is a recent afternoon tea and the third is a new "tea" quilt I found at a little thrift/antique shop.

Have a great weekend.


My daughter's site:


  1. Beautiful images in b your mosaic! Adorable grandkids and pretty blue and white tea pot. Big hugs,

  2. I was thinking about your daughter's photography just the other day. The beautiful horses. Glad she is still doing it. You would have a hard time in my home finding anything blue.


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