Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finally . . . . Spring!

Yes, just within the last week or so, things are sprouting up like crazy.  We had one 80 degree day (a fluke) and I think that did it! 
The grass grew 4 inches in 2 days!  Bruce, my lawn mower guy, mowed my yard for the first time yesterday!  I told him I was so glad to see him with his mower instead of his plow!!
I started some seeds indoors a few weeks ago and they're now outside in the sun and today some rain.

Here's some more spring things around my house.

I got new cushions for my chairs on the deck.  They're reversible.

The barn cats follow me when I'm outside.
This is Pepsi

This is Angel, the mother cat.
I'm really looking forward to gardening season this year.



  1. Your spring is off to a lovely start!! :-)

  2. Things are popping up here quickly is refreshing...hard work, but refreshing!...:)JP


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