Monday, May 11, 2015

One Lady's Weed's are another Chicken's Snack

When I weed I throw some delicious looking ones in a bucket to bring to my girls.  I have a hanging basket that I put them in and they love it.  Especially dandelions.

It's been hot the past few days.  I should've picked up a little water melon for them at the store.

Now little Pepsi wants to come in too.

She loves hanging with the chickens.

I saw a hummingbird at my feeders a couple days ago but haven't seen one since.  
I heard one time that there are spotters that go ahead and seek out good places to feed but I didn't read about that when I was getting info for my hummingbird post.
So I bought a nice hanging fuchsia plant today.  I know they like them.

Also some annuals to plant here and there.

Got my little 4X8 raised veggie garden planted a couple days ago too.
I bought plants of 2 tomatoes, eggplant and butternut squash.  I planted seeds for green beans, carrots, swiss chard and kale.
I really need about 2 more of these boxes to plant what I want but it doesn't look like it'll happen this year.

Do you have your gardens planted yet??


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