Monday, May 18, 2015

Outside and Around the Garden

I've been trying to do some weeding but oh my, the weeds have grown much faster than the flowers!
Especially those %#&@&* THISTLES!!!!!
They are my downfall!
I don't mind any other weed but them.  And there doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of them because their roots go deep then run horizontally.  So you can pull them up and they just come back.  USUALLY DOUBLE!!
 See, this is what I'm facing!
There's sweet woodruff and purple cone flowers under there someplace.
Kerry, my handyman, is coming to help me tomorrow.

I have found the best garden gloves.
I've used them for a couple years.
They fit so well and keep the prickers from getting you!
You can find them on Amazon.

After the rain, my vegetable garden seeds are popping!

The green beans and kale are first but swiss chard is close behind.

It's been quite warm, in the low 80's, so I got my chickens a treat that they love.

I went in and sat with them awhile yesterday.
Dottie hopped right up on my lap but Martha wants to be there too so the whole time Dottie is there, Martha is pecking me in the leg!!
Bad little girl.
Spoiled rotten!!

Only Dottie is laying.  The rest haven't laid since "the incident".
I hope they haven't given up laying forever!!!
What do you chicken people think??
It's been over a month.

I have  some sad news about my blue birds.
The 4 eggs probably hatched, I'm not sure but the nest is empty.
I think something got them.
Probably either those meany sparrows or a raccoon.
Sad : ((
I might take the old nest out now and see if they'll build again.  It's early enough in the season.

I have a couple hummingbirds but not as many as usual this year.

OK, I've got to run up to Walmart for a couple things.
See you later.


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  1. Hello Mrs Shirley, I have a mini doxin, but this bed is actually too small :( So I am going to try to get my Sons cat to use it LOL


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