Sunday, May 24, 2015

Working with Echo

(Warning:  This post is heavy on horsey photos!)
Yesterday Michele and I went to the barn.  No one else was there. 
 They were all at a horse show.
I wanted to work with Echo.  He's been pulling on me too much when I walk him on a line.
Of course yesterday he was good as gold.
I practiced only turning left with him, making him move out of my space like Stephanie showed me.
Here's a "few" pictures.

He remembers this.  It's the first step to have him bow.

See, he's this tall.

"Now, don't pull mommy around anymore!!"

Echo's downfall.  The dreaded polls!!

We didn't forget Preacher, he got groomed and loved on too.
There was one big horse fly bugging them today!

I'll practice more with Echo later in the week when there's more distractions.
That's when he loses all concentration on me!!!!!


1 comment:

  1. I miss my horses.One was 32 when he pasted away in the night.
    The other I barrel raced,halter showed,showmanship showed.She to knew how to bow,rein without a halter or saddle as I sat on her. She was 24...


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