Saturday, May 30, 2015

Poppies are Poppin'

June is my favorite month in the garden.
Everything is coming to bloom and the garden looks it's prettiest.
Every time it rains, things burst into bloom or seem to grow a foot!
(of course that includes weeds too but . . . )
Here are a few pics from around the yard.

I'm going to have a lot of foxglove.

One of my favorites; Indigo Blue

Won't be long before the hydrangea are in full bloom.

My little vegetable garden is taking off.

I got a new resin rain barrel but haven't put it together yet.  I mean the hoses etc.

The only thing that isn't doing so well is the little second chicken coop in the middle of the chicken yard!  The roof caved in!  I should have covered it with a tarp for the winter like my handyman told me to do!!

Here is my temporary fix till I can get some plywood.
Hope you liked my tour.
Have a good day.



  1. Remember wood rots but plastic is forever 😀

  2. Wonderful garden, lots of colour.

  3. Your flowers are all so lush! Just lovely. I do like those poppies - they are so splashy! It was too cold here to plant until until almost Memorial Day. My garden has not caught up to yours at all. I can't wait until I can enjoy beauty such as yours!

  4. I Love Poppies, My birth flower if a Poppy :-)


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