Thursday, May 7, 2015

Stressed Chickens Don't Lay

It's been 3 weeks since the demise of Lily.
(per Dexter!!!)
Finally Dottie the black and white, silver laced Wyandotte has started laying.
She has only laid 4 eggs in the past 8 days.
The other three have apparently not recovered from the loss of their flock member.
Here are Dottie's eggs from this week.

I called a pet expert from My Pet Chicken and also got an email from Tilly's Nest
and I guess this is normal and they probably won't start laying till they feel safe again.
I've fixed the extended run so no others can fly out.
I'm also sitting out with them when they're in the big yard.
There's hawks too and the leaves aren't out full on the oak trees yet for cover.
I knew I should've gotten some more chicks in the early spring!
I will next spring.
If Martha goes broody soon, I'm playing with the idea of getting some fertilized eggs to have her hatch!  But that's a whole other thing.
I'll need a safe place for them away from the other hens and then, 
what if I get a rooster . . .
 (or two!!!!).

Life with chickens can be complicated!


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