Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vintage Thingies Thursday. 1940's Purses

I'm joining in on the Vintage Thingies party at Colorado Lady's blog. Stop over there to get a list of all the other participants.

This week I'm showing you a couple of 1940's purses that belonged to my Mom. They are hanging on an antique clothes rack with beehive detailing.

This one is made of a thick linen type fabric with a plastic closure. There's a name for this plastic but for the life of me it has vanished from my mind!!

The bar that the fabric is attached to can be removed so that you can wash the purse, I guess, or maybe add another fabric body.

I love this one. It's black velvet and in perfect condition.

Look, even the inside is in pristine condition! So cute!
Those are my couple things for this week. Hope you enjoyed seeing them.
Have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Hi, Shirley,
    How wonderful that you have these two purses that belonged to your mom. I love 40's style!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are treasures in their own right but since your Mom gave them to you - they're even more special aren't they?
    I absolutely love purses and shoes from the 40's.
    Your plastic is probably bakelite although there were other plastics they used too.
    Great purses!

  3. What great 1940s style! How special they were your Mom's.

  4. I love the knobs on the black purse. The plastic is probably Bakelite.

  5. Those are amazing! I sold some vintage purses for an aunt of mine a while back - they are so lovely :)

    happy vtt!

  6. Wow! I'd be happy to carry either one today! Probably because I'm "vintage" myself! Ü

  7. Oh I love these! How smart is that to make the handles removable for washing! I love the over the wrist style handle on the black one - tres chic.

  8. Those purses are just as beautiful today as then! Thank you for showing them to us.

    Happy VTT,


  9. Thank you for sharing! these are wonderful!

  10. Oooooo - - - I really like the black velvet one!

  11. Those are interesting old purses. I especially like the design of the white one.

  12. Wow...look at those bakelite handles...I remember when they used to be called pocketbooks. Remember. I loved them and would stuff them full of papers and a pencil when I couldn't even write but only pretended. What fun they were to play with. I wish I had my Mom's. I probably wore them out playing with them. Yours are wonderful!! AND they belonged to your Mom, which makes them all the more special. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  13. Yes, my Mom did call them "pocket books"!! And yes it's bakelite. That's the word I was searching for!! Thanks all.

  14. I ADORE vintage purses! Actually - I grew up calling it a pocket book, too! In Massachusetts, that is what everyone calls them! It confused people when I moved, so I've since altered that! LOL! I really like the linen one!

  15. Love your purses. Decided to stalk, I mean follow you. Why? Just like me, you forget for a moment what things are called. ;)
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  16. I really enjoyed your showing of your mother's vintages bags. They look in such good condition. They may be back in style next year.

  17. great pursed and how wonderful they belonged to your mom...I love the black one. Happy VTT!

  18. They're lovely. The design of the black velvet one is great, with the strap that goes over the wrist. Very fashionable at the moment.

  19. Great purses. I especially love the black one.



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