Monday, February 28, 2011

Croquet Anyone?

Isn't this cute!

I rediscovered this little mini croquet set that I had gotten years ago.
I loved it because it reminded me of when my best friend, Midge, and I used to play in her back yard. (It was her croquet set.)
We played quite a bit in our grade school and Jr Hi years.
This one stands about 8 inches high. It is complete with the mallets, the wickets, posts and the cute little balls

Now . . . .,I do have a real set that I got way before my husband died. However I could never find anyone who would play it with me. I have a good backyard for it too!
Where the set is at this exact moment, I don't know but I run across it every once in awhile; still new in the box!
Sue, next time you visit me in the summer, we are playing croquet!!!!
Be forewarned : ))



  1. Dear Shirley,
    What a true treasure and I love the color. I do recall going to the park during the summer and the game teacher (that's what we called the folks tending to park property) allowing us to use the croquet set even though we had no idea how to play! Wish I had learned!
    Very Nice
    Yours Sincerely,

  2. i remember playing in my backyard. I love seeing the vintage sets....yours is great and with lovely memories!

  3. One of my favorite games to play in the summer. Love your piece, just so cute. It's time to teach those grandkids the art of the game. It's not just for little old ladies sipping ice tea. I may have to get me a set this summer. I have several very old mallets that I bought to decorate a certain bedroom with vintage toys when the kids moved out...still waiting on that to happen.
    Hope you are hobbling around better today.
    Hugs- Tete

  4. What a cute little miniature set! I loved playing croquet - but now I live on a hill so I gave the set away.

  5. That is a teeny set. We loved to play croquet with the kids when they were little. I wonder what ever happened to our set?

  6. Oh my! I used to plat Croquet all the time when I was a kid...loved it!...:)JP


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