Saturday, February 5, 2011

Satire Had a Visitor

Another person from Satire's younger life, when he was a show horse, came to see him today.
She rode him a lot after he retired from showing at 15. She was anxious to see him and got emotional when she saw him. Satire definitely remembered her too. It was such a nice visit and Michele learned more about Satire's show days and his owner that brought him up from a baby.



  1. What a great love story! They really do remember everyone that's been in their lives.

  2. How lovely, for Satire, Michele and you of course. Stay snug and warm!

  3. Now doesn't Satire look so comfortable and happy in those photos? They say animals do remember EVERYTHING!...:)JP

  4. What a touching post! Reminds me of Black Beauty. It is so nice they could have this heartfelt reunion.

  5. How wonderful that she had the opportunity to visit Satire again. That would be an emotional reunion and one that she will cherish.

  6. That is so nice and I bet so interesting to be able to have that history on your horse!!


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