Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day Table

It's almost valentines Day so I'm posting this table with Susan At BNOTP for "Tablescape Thursday". Find all the other participants and Susan's wonderful blog here:

My Own Little Valentine Party

Red and white. My second favorite after blue and white or just plain white.
I set this up this afternoon hoping my grand kids leave it be tomorrow when they come!!!
Those little hearts are very tempting though aren't they!

This entire table are dishes from GW or some other thrift shop. (Except for the square polka dot plates which are from Marshalls.)

The red stainless flatware is from Walmart.

Awww, the tea drinker will sit here.

I had to use my birdies again. Lets call them love birds.

As evening approaches I light the candles.

Now it looks very romantic.

I didn't really have a centerpiece so I had to improvise!

Layering dishes, I love it!

Now, all I need is Mr Valentine!!
No, No, I was fibbing!!!!!!!!
I didn't say that!
Nope, nope nope!!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone.


  1. You fibber, you - you already have a Mr Valentine. Rocky will need a bib though, to sit at the table with you. You know he loves your cooking already!
    I love your table tops and how you interchange your pieces in and out to make something new every time.
    Hope your snow is melting!
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Such a pretty setting by daylight and romantic by candle light. I love the sweet heart shaped dishes...

  3. Wonderful tablescape you've created!
    This is really extra pretty in candle light.

    May you have a terrific valentine's day.
    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  4. beautiful table and wow, what great candle shots!!

  5. Hi lovely lady. I love your Tablescapes for Valentine's Day with the candle light so Beautiful sweet lady. lots of Romantic just lovely. I hope you have a nice evening with your family. I just post my Tablescapes come see if you like~~~

  6. Hi Shirley, I'm Shirley and it's nice to meet you. I have seen your comments out and about so I thought I would pop in your lovely blog space and introduce myself.
    Beautiful table setting.
    I too love horses, but I dont own one but visit a horse farm to take photo's of the children learing all about them. Lovely animals..(the children too!) hahha only kidding..not a nice thing to say on a first visit...
    Have a wonderful night,
    Yours Sincerely,

  7. Such a happy table! I love the red and white dishes with the mix of solids to plaids to polka dots. Great job! ~ Sarah

  8. love your table. I'm eyeing those red plaid dishes with envy. Love your new header.

  9. Love it! Stripes, plaid, polka dots -- love it all! It's just the right amount of festive -- not over the top, and I adore the small touches like the little doily under the mug. Thanks for visiting my table this week!

  10. This table setting looks very dreamy and lovely! Love those polka dots!

  11. Your table is really gorgeous, Shirley. Awesome job!
    Blessings, Beth

  12. Love that table! The checked plates and mugs areperfect for lots of themes! Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Very pretty! Lots of very pretty elements on the table! Those red & white plaid plates are just scrumptious!!!!!

  14. I will order you a Mr. Valentine if you like, from Buehlers.


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